The formal launch of the “food grade everything” toolkit from IntegriCulture Inc. -  and welcome aboard, Organoid Farm!

IntegriCulture Inc. announced the official launch of Ocatté Base, a comprehensive technology transfer ecosystem designed to accelerate the growth of the cellular agriculture industry.

Ocatté Base: A One-Stop Shop for Cellular Agriculture Newcomers
Ocatté Base offers a unique "food grade everything" approach, providing a complete starter kit for companies and researchers venturing into cellular agriculture. This kit includes essential, food-grade components for cell culture operations:

  • I-MEM 1.0 (IntegriCulture - Modified Essential Medium): A versatile and well-established basal media for cell culture. (Formulations)
  • iDisper: Enables gentle and efficient detachment of cells for further manipulation.
  • iCoater: Enhances cell adhesion and growth within bioreactors.
  • iFreezer: Facilitates long-term cell storage for future use.

Expanding the Cellular Agriculture Toolkit
IntegriCulture plans to continually expand the Ocatté Base product lineup. Some of the upcoming additions include:

  • Repurposed Pressure Cooker Bioreactor: An affordable and accessible bioreactor for small-scale production.
  • Desktop CulNet Hardware Unit: Generates cell-cultured serum, a critical component for growing many cell types.

These additions, along with future developments from CulNet Consortium member supplier companies, will offer a comprehensive suite of tools for cellular agriculture pioneers.

Ocatté Base: Open Collaboration for Industry Growth
Ocatté Base extends beyond IntegriCulture's own offerings. The platform welcomes third-party vendors to contribute additional food-grade products that support cellular agriculture research and development. This open approach fosters collaboration and innovation within the industry.

Organoid Farm Joins the Cellular Agriculture Revolution
IntegriCulture is proud to announce Organoid Farm Inc. as the first customer to leverage Ocatté Base.
Organoid Farm Inc., established by JGC JAPAN CORPORATION, is dedicated to developing production processes for cultured meat. Organoid Farm Inc. is focused on advancing the development of cells and cultivation processes that are suitable for scaling up to establish a system for the mass production of cultured meat.
By leveraging the cell cultivation and engineering technologies that the JGC Group has honed through its work in the pharmaceutical field, Organoid Farm Inc. aims to realize fully operational cultured meat production facilities.

Looking Ahead
IntegriCulture believes Ocatté Base will be instrumental in empowering new entrants and established players alike to advance the field of cellular agriculture. By providing openly transparent media formulations and maintaining an open supply chain, IntegriCulture is actively working to democratize cellular agriculture, making this transformative technology accessible to a wider range of players.

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