Integriculture Inc. develops an automated bioreactor system (CulNet system) to produce artificial serum to tackle one of the largest cost drivers of cultivated meats

Integriculture Inc., a cellular agriculture company, has developed a laboratory-scale automated “CulNet™ system” and began production of serum components of cell culture medium.

Production of cell-based meat costed more than $100,000/kg in 2013. Integriculture Inc. intends to drive down the cost of cellular agriculture products to an affordable level by combining food grade culture medium and serum components produced by patented “CulNet™ system”.

The new automated CulNet system imitates the inter-cellular interactions occurring in an animal body in a series of bioreactors. The laboratory-scale system is capable of culturing multiple types of cells under one controlled conditions to produce serum components, which is one of the largest cost drivers of cultivated meats. An in-house serum production is expected to significantly reduce the production cost of cellular agriculture products.

Integriculture Inc., aims to provide sustainable protein by producing affordable cellular agriculture products such as cultivated meats.