IntegriCulture Inc. demonstrates cell-based foie gras ready for consumption

IntegriCulture Inc., a cellular agriculture company, has demonstrated an “edible” cell-based foie gras.

Most past demonstrations of cell-based meats to date involved the use of materials with little or no records of consumption and many have faced regulatory issues. IntegriCulture Inc. has developed a medium formulated entirely from food grade materials with a solid history of consumption, and used this medium to demonstrate an “edible” cell-based foie gras.

We have received a comment from Chef Kuwana, a future-food gastronomist, upon preparing a dish with this foie gras.

“The sweetness and richness are in good balance. It is very good. I did not feel so much oil, but flavor spread in my mouth even with a small amount. It was a pure and mellow foie gras with a sweet and gentle spread. Although delicate, it had a strong presence and I was impressed. I recommend you feeling the flavor with just a pinch of salt and without any sauce.”

IntegriCulture Inc. plans to launch cell-based foie gras in restaurants in 2021 and in retails stores in 2023.