IntegriCulture hosted the visit by Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research of Thailand and Thai’s CP Group

- The tour offers its proprietary trial operation system for mass production of cultured meat -

Tokyo, Japan, August 22, 2022 — IntegriCulture Inc. (hereafter IntegriCulture), a Japanese cellular agriculture startup pioneering revolutionary advancements in cellular agriculture and aims for a sustainable world, today announced that it hosted the inspection visit by the team of 16 people from Thailand including Dr. Anek Laothamatas, Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Dr. John Jiang, CTO of CP Group on July 16, 2022.

During their visit, IntegriCulture’s CEO Yuki Hanyu and CTO Ikko Kawashima explained the team from Thailand on the current situation and trend of cultivated meat in Japan and the progress of proprietary low-cost cell culture technology "CulNet™ system."

Opinion exchange meeting
From left to right, Yuki Hanyu, CEO of IntegriCulture, Dr. Anek Laothamatas, Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research, Ikko Kawashima, CTO of IntegriCulture, and Dr. John Jiang, CTO of CP Group

The delegates also made a tour of IntegriCulture’s research facility and observed the CulNet system, which is being tested for pilot scale production of cultivated meat.

Tour of IntegriCulture’s research facility

IntegriCulture aims to popularize cultivated meat through its proprietary cell culture technology, the CulNet system. The system artificially creates an environment similar to that inside an animal's body to grow cells. The cells of animals such as duck and chickens can be doubled in 1.5 to 2 days using the CulNet system.

“Our mission is to build an accessible infrastructure of cellular agriculture. All players are welcome, and we are keen to set up this infrastructure in Thailand too” said Yuki Hanyu, CEO of IntegriCulture.

The high cost of growth medium components is no longer necessary because they can be generated within the CulNet system by simulating the in-vivo natural organ communication processes. The system allows us to internalize the production of growth medium by only basal medium and selected cells. This proprietary system will directory contribute to reduce the production cost of cultivated meat and the needs of growth factors as additives. IntegriCulture plans to expand the cell culture protocols for different type of meat; duck liver, chicken, beef, port, shrimp or other commonly consumed meats. IntegriCulture will use the NEDO grant to accelerate the development of cellular agriculture technologies for commercial applications and mass production.

About IntegriCulture Inc.

IntegriCulture, we, aim to use our proprietary cost-competitive cell culture technology "CulNet™ system" as a new platform in the biotechnology field, and to use it in various fields such as foods and leather made up of animal cells.

The system in principle cultures any cells and produce anything produced by living things. It is astounding versatility makes it ideal for a general platform for clients wanting to produce food, cosmetics, supplements, functional ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and any other biological and agricultural products.

Also, it is not necessary to use fetal bovine serum and growth factors, which are the main causes of high cost of conventional cell culture, and the cost of cell culture can be significantly reduced.

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